Omega June 2016 – Wrap Up

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Omega June 2016 – Wrap Up

It has been a few weeks since we’ve started early access for Omega. Our dev folks have been working behind the scenes on a few improvements and over the new few months, I will be sending you updates on our progress. For June, here are some of the highlights.

Improved speed to Marketo data downloads – We had to work some magic on refitting our downloader script to process records faster. This is all happening behind the scenes and the data is pulling as API calls are refreshed.


New Web Form fill outs and Landing Page Visits – One of our more popular requests to troubleshoot drops in signups or just whether or not people are making it to specific landing pages.


New benchmarking data in Health Index – We’ve added some more to explore such as blank or null values to tune the health index. We will be looking into more data sources to evaluate the quality of the data and continue to tune the index.

Web Forms

“I’d like to see which Marketo Web Forms and Pages get the most hits”

OMEGA Web Forms

This was a popular request from our users. As of now, we’ve parsed out all of the forms in Marketo showing the number of times it has been filled out. Drilling down one level deeper (i.e Contact Now) shows the number of times the formed was filled out by date range. This will help you troubleshoot and get an idea of timing for this important form.



Web Page Visits

What are your more popular pages or when is there a spike of visits to the unsubscribe page? We’ve counted them all and rolled up the aggregate. If you haven’t taken a look lately, login and check out your results.


As always, thanks for being part of a unique group of folks willing to share your insights with us to help improve this. Feel free to leave a comment or send an email to for any questions or ideas you want to see implemented.