Project Roadmap

Project Roadmap

June 2016

  • Improved speed to Marketo data downloads
  • Change Password and Recover Account
  • Top Web Page and Form charts added

July 2016

  • Ability to create your own Omega users
  • New Journey charts and data
  • Additional lead charts
  • Updates to Activities charts
  • Additional metrics and benchmarking data in Health Index
  • Updated UI for Charts

August 2016

  • New Scoring charts and data
  • Settable MQL values for MQL charts
  • Updates to user profile
  • CSV export of some chart datasets

September 2016

  • Custom date range filtering
  • Speed improvements on complex charts
  • Updated Activity Overview page with more data
  • System Pulse update to use less Marketo resources

October 2016

  • New Activity Analysis page combines common data in one view
  • New API Usage and API Errors pages added to Performance
  • Improved UI for Lead Score by Distribution chart

November 2016

  • Streamlined startup wizard for new customers
  • CSV export now available in most charts
  • Web Page visits updated for readability

December 2016

  • Email notifications
  • New Journey charts
  • Health Index updates