+ - What is Omega?

Omega is the first and only application for Marketo designed to optimize performance and promote good system health. It forms insight by analyzing all of your lead activities—the detailed history of your Marketo—to identify when and where changes occurred that you need to know about.

+ - What does it do?

Omega extracts all the details of your Marketo activity for every single record in your instance and aggregates events across your whole database to provide fact-based guidance for your marketing activities.

+ - Who is it for?

Anyone who uses Marketo regardless of experience or role would benefit from Omega: Admins, developers, marketing operations, trainers, and anyone managing applications connected to Marketo. Omega helps everyone get better and smarter with Marketo.

+ - Why do I need it?

Marketo is a powerful marketing automation platform that serves thousands of companies engaging millions of people around the world. Marketo lets you be as creative as you want to be, and with that power comes responsibility to     be aware of the impact changes anyone can make have on everyone at your company and your customers. Even one small unintended mistake in digital marketing can have big consequences. Omega helps you trouble-shoot unforeseen problems, and see emerging problems before they impact your business.

+ - Will Omega impact Marketo performance?

Omega uses API calls to extract all activity data from your Marketo instance. This will impact the current allocated daily API limits depending upon your allocated amounts. Our extraction will not have any impacts to the speed of your system as this is also done on an incremental basis. The initial load will be spaced out to account for any impacts on the system, and subsequent extraction will be upon changed data values so it runs smoother over time.

+ - How long does it take for the initial load of my Marketo data?

This depends upon the size of your data as well as the API limit for your instance. In our experience, a database of about 300K records that have about 2+ years of activity history will take about 1 week for the first extract of all your data. However, your Omega instance will be ready to use as soon as we retrieving the first couple of days of data.

+ - Is this available for other marketing automation platforms?

At this time we are focused on Marketo, but we will support other platforms in the near future.

+ - Does it require/perform modifications to Marketo? CRM?

Nope. Omega is a diagnostic tool to reveal what’s lurking within your instance and provide insights that you otherwise cannot see without a lot of manual effort. It does not affect any of your current programs or impact any workflows

+ - What do I need to install/run it?

We require credentials for your REST and SOAP credentials. You add those within the Omega Account Settings.

+ - Are there any data privacy issues I should be concerned with?

Nope. Currently we do not show any personally identifiable information (PII) within the product.

+ - How do you secure our data?

Click here to read our security document.

+ - Are there any limits to how much Marketo data Omega can handle?

No, there are no limits to how much data Omega can handle.

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